The Sale of Fresh Kiwis in Bulk

Fresh Kiwis are one of the most useful fruits in the world that helps treat constipation and is rich in vitamin C, and selling fresh kiwi in bulk is a good profit.

The Sale of Fresh Kiwis in Bulk

How Should Be Fresh Kiwis Known?

How Should Be Fresh Kiwis Known? To diagnose Fresh Kiwis Characteristics, you must first look at the surface of the fruit and look for brown and plum-shaped kiwis.

You should smell and touch the fruit and inhale the sweet and fruity scent. If it has all these symptoms, your kiwi is ripe.

Look for kiwis with a brown skin. Ripe kiwi has brown skin and hair. If the fruit is green or can be seen from behind the green skin of the fruit, it is not yet fully ripe.

Look for a kiwi-shaped kiwi. A ripe kiwi is plum or onion-shaped and round. If the kiwi skin is wrinkled and not smooth, it is probably overripe and damaged.

Smell the kiwi. Bring your nose close to the part of the kiwi from where it is connected to the branch and smell it, you should smell sweet and fruity. Unripe kiwi does not smell.

Look for kiwi with skin without lines and scratches and damage. When looking for a kiwi, pick one that is not damaged. Kiwis with wrinkled, sore or blemished skin are not good kiwis.

Gently press the kiwi. Press the kiwi with your thumb. Look for soft kiwi but with a hard and cohesive structure. If the kiwi does not look hard, it has not ripened, if it was too soft, it has not ripened too much.

Check the inside of the fruit. If, despite all this, you still doubt whether the kiwi has ripened, skip it. The seeds of a ripe kiwi are all black and the flesh of the fruit is shiny green.

Test the taste. The surest way to find out if a kiwi is ripe is to taste it. Peel a squash, grate it and eat it. You already know, if it tasted sweet and the texture was rejection, the fruit was ripe.

Direct Supply of Fresh Kiwis

Direct Supply of Fresh Kiwis  Iran is the fourth largest producer of kiwi in the world, which is produced in northern regions of Iran such as Mazandaran, Golestan and Gilan and Fresh Kiwis supply in such cites.

Due to special production conditions and lack of growth conditions in most countries in the region, this Iranian export product is very popular in neighboring countries and one of the best is produced in northern Iran and sold in the market.

Many countries want to buy kiwifruit in bulk from Iran. At present, kiwifruit is exported to countries such as Russia, India, Turkey, etc.


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