The Purchase of Morello Sour Cherries

When it comes to cherries, experts are swift to tell you that there are two types of cherries to turn to: Morello cherries and sweet cherries. Morello sour cherries are known for their superior tart and sour taste and primarily used for baking, dressing, and beverages purposes. High quality fresh Morello cherries can be purchased with competitive prices.

In our company, we make customer satisfaction a priority. This manufacturing company is ready to offer Morello Sour Cherries with the highest quality and reasonable prices to different cities and foreign countries.

The Purchase of Morello Sour Cherries

Are Morello Cherries the Same as Sour Cherries?

Are Morello Cherries the Same as Sour Cherries?

Are Morello cherries the same as sour cherries? Both are sour that is the similarity. However, sour cherries are cultivated from the “Prunus Cerasus”, a variant of cherry trees. They are red drupes that commonly known as “acid cherry tree”. They are also very sour but indeed, they are quite different from Morello cherries. Morello cherries are the commercially cultivated species of sour cherries and have a higher quality compared to common sour cherries. Its taste is more tart and sour; mostly consumed in candied or syrup form (as topping of cakes and ice cream); therefore, it is the absolute choice of chefs. Sour cherries are also available in various canned forms. Sour cherry jams are also very popular products that made from Morello sour cherries.

Morello cherries differences with sweet cherries include their distinctive taste and application. Morello sour cherries mostly used in processed and baked foods, ice creams, while sweat cherries are suitable for snacking. Morello cherries are also good for sleeping; it is a well-known fact that people with sleep disorders can enjoy a peaceful night with Morello sour cherries. In comparison to most other fruits, cherries are low in sugar and suitable for people who want to lose weight. When it comes to ice cream topping, sour cherry syrup is one of the primary choices of ice cream lovers. The extreme sourness of organic cherry can be mixed and tamed with the sweetness of honey to give you a unique sauce, then added to your cherry pie.

The Sellers of Morello Sour Cherries

The Sellers of Morello Sour Cherries

With years of hard work and honesty, we are among the few best Morello cherries sellers. We are truly proud to provide you with the freshest sour cherries. Innovation in packing techniques has made us the pioneer of fruit industry; we always deliver the freshest! Our wholesale prices always have been competitive. From cherry orchard to the market, practical techniques and innovation enabled us to deliver the best. For more details about wholesales, please contact us.

Our products are sent to all parts of the world and have been welcomed by customers. The center has an experienced team with high responsibility for customers. With lower price, good service and fast delivery, we are confident that we will offer the best Morello Sour Cherries to our customers.


  1. Sour cherries are highly recommended as could be taken advantage of to dress up sandwich, salad, and cheese boards. You could also pickle them to make them versatile.

    • Cherries could be very refreshing especially in the summer season.
      Just imagine drinking a glass of red sour cherry juice in the middle of summer…
      Wish you luck dear

  2. Different kinds of cherries are not only tasteful and delicious but also a flavor that you can use in various dishes. Mokfi Fruits is among those companies that are committed to quality and the satisfaction of their customers. They have new ways of supplying, packaging, and delivering cherries that would highly make them affordable.

  3. This type of cherry is my favorite as I always like to have sour things to eat. And as it was mentioned above they’re not only delicious but nutritous too

  4. With all of their nutrients, cherries are clearly good for us , It’s no wonder they have a reputation for all kinds of health benefits.

  5. Morello cherries significantly raised levels of melatonin and improved sleep. This company is producing very qualified Morello cherries ?

  6. Pictures were mouth watering ?
    Cherries are rich in antioxidants and as we know antioxidants fight the free radicals which make the skin look dull. This makes your skin feel younger and healthier.

  7. I’ve heard the best and the most inexpensive sour cherries in the Middle East are being exported by Iranians. Has anyone else heard of it?
    Sam Hernandez, Spain

  8. In addition to high vitamins and benefits, cherries are widely used in cake baking, cooking and confectionery.

  9. I wish i had the juice right now. Apart from it being devastatingly delicious juice, its super healthy and purify the blood

  10. farming cheries are quite hard and needs a lot of water…
    thank you for all this information you shared with us for free:)

  11. I would never forget the sour cherry tea I drank in Iran. This tea has many benefits such as cleaning our digestive system.

  12. Morello cherries and sour cherries are different but both are very usefull in making cakes, I am very pleased by the quality and taste of mokfi team products.

  13. Cherries exports are very hard but with this company and the shipping method the have, it becomes easier and easier every day.

  14. Your cherries are in a high quality and market really needs these kinds of products…we like connect you

  15. Cherry is rich in nutrient, may increase strength and reduce muscle soreness,could help to sleep better,may reduce symptoms of arthritis and gut,might promote brain health, may strengthen the immune system, may protect against cancer, might reduce pain, may reduce blood pressure and also could help to lose weight.
    I’ll be happy to cooperate with your company , cause I need a supplier of this valuable fruit.

  16. I didn’t know there are different types of cherries. Finding out about Morello cherries is an incentive for me to buy them. I’m sure you are a reliable producer and distributor I would like to start buying from you and consume them.

  17. I seriously didn’t know that there are are many differences between cherries now I’m so glad and happy to know them and I think working and having business in this field needs much information, skill and perfect reputation

  18.  I really like these cherries, unfortunately. So they come through a reseller and brokers and are overpriced.
    I want to import it to my country

  19. Kiwi and other fruits provide a range of health benefits due to their content .
    Kiwis are a good source of vitiman

  20. I think they are easier to grow than strawberry’s but any fruit sells well. where are you based? I am interested in buying in bulk for my market stall. I think your website is what I’m looking for. I’m looking forward to seeing more catalogues about cherry , sour cherry and other products related to cherry

  21. It was wonderful to know about the Morello sour cherries. i’ll be considering to add them to my diet

  22. eating tart montmorency (or morello) cherries significantly raises levels of melatonin and improves sleep. Compared to most other fruits, cherries are low in sugar, which makes them an ideal choice for people who want to lose weight.

  23. The top quality and competitive price are issues your company takes care of thus I would like to do business with you. I also read about your record of exporting this to overseas.

  24. The best quality and high quality packaging are our competitive advantages .We can ship in a large quantity to our target markets

  25. I am willing to purchase cherries for jam, are these cherries suitable for that? as the article mentions that they are so sour.

  26. Sweet cherries are usually eaten as they come, while sour cherries are more likely to be used in cooking. The most familiar varieties are the black cherry, morello sour cherry and etc. .As I know, sour cherries are the most popular variety.

  27. Due to the good experience I had from working with this company, I suggest to all traders to make the best use of the products and services of this company.

  28. here is Robb Stacey an English supplier I’m gonna need some sample to open a deal like 10000kilos on summer

  29. Is it possible to get fresh cherries? They are very delicious. Sweet companies are really eager to buy sour cherries especially in the winter which is hard to find cherries.

  30. Morello cherries stimulates dose of melatonin and it has a lower amount of sugar in it.your company is very prominent for this product.

  31. Reading your article about this product, I was persuaded to buy cherries from you, the price is very important for our fruit processing factory , are your prices competitive?

  32. Sour cherries are demanded in the whole world because of its unique taste. They are used as fresh fruits and in tarts, sweets, cakes and jams.

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