The Major Purchase Price of the Red Apples

Red apple is one of the products that is very tonic and has many properties for the body. There are various stores that distribute and sell this product, and our online store sells various red apples. You can buy products by visiting the online store. You can buy it at lower prices with bulk purchase.

The Major Purchase Price of the Red Apples

the Mysterious Origin of the Red Apple

the Mysterious Origin of the Red Apple Apple is a tree that has a round and spherical fruit, apple has different varieties, some of which are sweet and others have a relatively sour taste that is very tasty and fleshy with several apple seeds in the center. Apples are usually eaten after washing the skin.

It grows in most areas. The green leaves are leathery green with fine grooves. The apple fruit appears as a single, clustered appendage attached to the tree by a thin stem. It has many leaves, apple fruit is usually yellow, black, green, red and.. It has many properties and its various uses, especially for making jams, compotes and.. It grows quickly and easily.

Pollination of apples is done by wind as well as insects. Apple trees are not able to pollinate themselves, so you have to do artificial pollination to produce fruit. Apple orchardists and growers use the queen bee for pollination as well as pollen transfer, but the number of bees in apple orchards is small.

Ecological conditions of apple tree growth:

  • Height: The height of the apple tree varies according to different species and is between 3 to 15 meters.
  • Suitable light: It needs full and partial sun to grow.
  • proper temperature: The optimum temperature for apple tree growth is between 20 and 35 degrees Celsius, it is resistant to climatic conditions.
  • Suitable soil: Rich and fertile soil is suitable.
  • Proper irrigation: Needs moderate irrigation.
  • Planting distance: The planting distance of apple tree in transplanted cultivars and on seed base is between 6 to 7 meters and in vegetative transplanted cultivars is between 150 to 300 cm. The distance between the rows must be more than 3 meters.

the Main Wholesalers of Red Apples

the Main Wholesalers of Red Apples Red apple is one of the most popular fruits that has many Fans around the world and that is why there are various shopping malls that offer these products. The red apple origin is cultivated in different countries and offered to customers.

You can go to these stores to red apple Purchase and buy the product you need. If you want to buy quality products at a very low price, it is recommended that you visit our online store and buy from our products. Because our products are offered with quality and low prices.

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