The Main Wholesalers of Sweet Cherries

Sweet Cherries is a red summer fruit with a unique taste. When consuming cherries, in addition to enjoying its taste, you also enjoy the benefits and properties of this fruit. Cherries are one of the most popular fruits. Cherries are consumed raw, jams, compotes and teas. The supply of sweet juicy cherries of Urmia, with excellent quality and pleasant taste, is mainly done for customers all over the country.

The Main Wholesalers of Sweet Cherries

6 Important Types of Sweet Cherries

6 Important Types of Sweet Cherries Learn more about the properties of cherries The nutrients and minerals in Sweet Cherries Types, including a variety of vitamins, fiber, iron, protein, potassium and calcium, reduce the risk of various diseases and are essential for the health of the body. The cause of cherry red color is anthocyanin pigment. This pigment is effective in regulating genes involved in glucose and fat metabolism, thus lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. Antioxidants, flavonoids and phosphorus in cherries are very good for cardiovascular health.

These substances prevent blockage and hardening of blood vessels and arteries by regulating the heart rate and strengthening the heart muscle. Consumption of this small red fruit helps to excrete kidney stones, gallstones and bladder, and as a discharge agent in the body, it opens the urinary tract and eliminates toxins from the body. This sweet fruit contains large amounts of anthocyanins, cyanidins and carotenoids, which play an important role in preventing various cancers. Cyanidin is a major barrier to the growth of cancer cells. Also, the high fiber of cherries is effective in reducing the risk of bowel cancer and treats gastrointestinal diseases and constipation.

Direct Purchase of Sweet Cherries

Direct Purchase of Sweet Cherries The antioxidant properties of Sweet Cherries Purchase eyesight and eye muscles, and contribute to eye health by relieving pain, controlling intraocular pressures, and protecting the eye from environmental damage such as free radicals and light. Most cherries are made from water, so they are low in sugar and low in calories. This fruit is suitable for weight loss by providing the energy needed by the body. This delicious fruit is rich in vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E and vitamin C, which rejuvenate, refresh and brighten the skin.

These vitamins, along with the phosphorus in cherries, also promote brain cell growth and brain function. This red healing drug, by regulating the concentration of urea acid, treats gout and reduces inflammation in the body. Export of sweet black juicy cherries of Mashhad, due to the climate and suitable lands for cherry cultivation, is one of the main poles in the production of this unique product. Mashhad cherry is juicy, large, firm and dark reddish black. Export of Mashhad black cherries has a good economic benefit for the country. This sweet product, with high quality, long shelf life and completely natural taste, is exported to foreign markets in order for consumers to buy in different countries.

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