The Best Pears for Export

As exporters of the best pears for many years until today, we have been able to meet the needs of different communities because we are one of the largest exporters of various types of pears to other countries and our products are directly and mainly available worldwide.

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The Best Pears for Export

7 Types and Varieties of Pears

7 Types and Varieties of Pears Pears Varieties:

  1. Pear dango green: A well-known winter pear, it is one of the most popular pears because it is juicy but also has a strong texture that can be used in many recipes. Thanks to its ability to store well, the dango pear can be found in most months of the year.
  2. Sickle pear, or sugar pear This versatile pear is a small pear but has a very sweet flavour. Sickle pear is not widely available and has short seasons, available from September to December.
  3. As a Bosque pear on the outside, expect a russet-brown pear that will be somewhat firm, even when ripe and give only a little when gently squeezed, however for the perfect pear flavour, many people choose the Bosque pear and the Bosque pear is available from September until Winter, some are available in March and April.
  4. Koumiss pears are the perfect lunchtime snack. While some pears tend to have a grainy texture, koumiss pears do not, which is why they are good to eat raw. These pears have a yellow-green color even though they often have a red mark on one side.
  5. The Asian pear shares many similarities with the apple fruit. It is often called an apple pear because it can have a round shape, a uniquely crisp texture and a sweet, juicy flavor that resembles a watermelon and is very crunchy. Within the class of Asian pears there are several cultivars.
  6. Incredibly beautiful Starcrimson pears have a very deep red color to them although on the inside you can expect a mild flavour. They are sweet, slightly floral and medium in size. Expect the red skin to deepen as the pears ripen, Starcrimson pears are available from August to December.
  7. Forelle pear, another specialty pear, meaning “trout” in German, was given to pears because of the coloration of rainbow trout (the difference in the shape of the fruit). Pears have a cinnamon flavor and are small and oval in shape, which makes them quite special.

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