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Even though the golden apple fruit is not the apple that is consumed all over the world, the Seychelles, which is a tropical archipelago in the western part of the Indian Ocean, is home to a variety of fruits that have the word “apple” included in their names.

What is golden apple fruit Seychelles

The skin starts out green and turns yellow as the fruit matures. On the interior, the crisp flesh is attached to a stringy thorn that resembles a needle. Fresh green fruit that has been pickled in vinegar or used as a flavoring agent is what it is used for in Seychelles. The golden apple as I have always referred to it, has a flavor that is both sweet and bitter. Its consistency is very much like that of a ripe mango. I prefer to consume them when the skin is a pale yellow color, which is when they are raw, sweet, spicy, and sour all at the same time. Indian and West Indian merchants often stock golden apples in their inventories. There are six distinct types of “apples” that can be found in Seychelles. (Report from the Seychelles News Agency) – “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” is a well-known proverb; however, the proverb does not specify the type of apple that should be eaten. What is golden apple fruit Seychelles

Specification of golden apple fruit Seychelles

These native apples used to be cultivated in the backyards of a great number of residences on the island. Maybe it’s because there aren’t as many local markets open all year round, but some of them aren’t quite as popular as they used to be. You can purchase them during the appropriate times of the year at the market in Victoria, which is the capital of Seychelles, or at the local greengrocers in the surrounding areas. You could also be able to sample them at restaurants if you’re very fortunate. In terms of health, it is said that all of them provide wonderful health benefits (as long as you do not regulate the amount of sugar you consume). If you live on one of the islands or are thinking about visiting, here are some “apples” from Seychelles that you shouldn’t miss: Custard Apple (Ker-d-beef) The custard apple has a thin but resilient skin, and its form is that of a heart; its Creole name, Kerd-bef, literally means “bull’s heart. Specification of golden apple fruit Seychelles

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” The interior consists of a grainy pulp that is rich and creamy, and it surrounds the black seeds. If the fruit is riper, you should consume it immediately; however, if it is still green, you should wait another three to four days before eating it. Apples with cinnamon have a high concentration of minerals that are necessary for the formation of hemoglobin in the body, and they are also an excellent source of vitamins B and C. Sugar Apple The candied apple is a type of apple that comes from the same variety as the custard apple. It has a spherical form and smooth peel and meat. Both the aroma and the flavor are more on the sugary side of things. When fully ripe, the fruits can be eaten. Not only may meat cream be consumed raw, but it also works wonderfully in smoothies and other blended beverages. read more:

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