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The benefits of dried figs have increased their popularity in domestic and foreign markets, and their global export as food and medicine is increasing.

What is sunny fruit dried figs

Fig is a delicious summer tree fruit that has different species and colors, its main origin is the countries around the Mediterranean and West Asia, and because the fig tree is sensitive to extreme cold, it is mostly planted in temperate and subtropical regions. According to the different climates of the country, different types of this delicious fruit are produced. Fig fruit has been used fresh or dried in the treatment of many diseases for hundreds of years due to its sweet taste and many healing properties. As you know, dried figs have less risk for storage and can be sent to many countries due to their long shelf life. This product can be stored in all seasons. The global export Rasha Fruit has a significant contribution in the field of export of dried figs in 2022 and many countries are requesting to buy this quality product from Rasha fruit. Due to their high quality, Rasha dried figs have become one of the most nutritious and valuable dried fruits in the world, and as a result, the market for buying, selling, and exporting dried figs and their distribution to foreign countries is increasing day by day. The export of dried figs is different based on the importing countries, because there is a demand for low-quality figs that are mostly used in perfumery and medicine, and also for high-quality dried figs that are nice in color and sweet and are used in nuts. What is sunny fruit dried figs

sunny fruit organic dried figs

Dried figs priceThe price of dried figs for export depends on various factors. The export of Rasha dried figs to different countries of the world is done on a large scale and in bulk, and it is done organically and without adding chemicals, and it is of the high-quality index of dried figs. Types of dried figs and how to classify them Classification of dried figs are divided into different types based on the things mentioned above. Based on this, the types of dried figs available can be named into the following categories: • We call AAA-grade dried figs or super dried figs, all the seeds are smiling (blossomed or open), their size is larger than 24 mm and their color is yellow and white. One hundred and one dried figs (101) in this product sample, the size of the seeds is 20 to 24 mm and their color is yellow and white. • Grade AA dried figs sunny fruit organic dried figs The size of the seeds is about 22 mm and the color of the product is usually yellow and white. Some seeds are also smiling (mouth open). • Grade A dried figs The size of the seeds in this category is about 20 mm and their color is bright. • AB-grade dried figs The grain size of dried figs is more varied, but they are usually around 18 mm. • Grade B dried figs The size of the seeds varies from 14 to 20 mm. The percentage of dark-colored figs in this type is higher than in the previous types. But in general, the percentage of open or closed seeds of dried figs has a great impact on the final price of the product. Health benefits of dried figs Dried figs are one of the types of dried fruits that are widely consumed due to their sweet taste and many properties, and are usually used together with nuts. dried figs fruit

dried figs fruit

The properties and benefits of dried figs are not hidden from anyone. It has many healing and medicinal properties so, in traditional medicine, it is referred to as a heavenly fruit. High fiber and minerals such as iron, high potassium and calcium, and vitamins A, B vitamins, vitamin C and K. Dried figs help to slim diet and lowering blood pressure. Due to the high fiber present in figs, either dry or fresh, and the feeling of satiety it creates, it helps in weight loss, but do not overdo it. Low calories and low fat in this dry fruit make you lose weight. Due to the high potassium present in dried figs, sodium levels in the blood decrease and regulate blood sugar, and also the omega-3 and omega-6 vitamins present in dried figs prevent clogging and deposits in the veins and reduce blood glycerol and cholesterol, and thus can be used this heavenly fruit for heart health and blood pressure regulation. Among the magical properties of dried figs is to help hair health, which with the presence of vitamins, especially vitamins of group B and sulfur in figs, causes hair growth and eliminates dandruff. Useful vitamins A and C in figs make the skin healthy and clear, and useful antioxidants in figs prevent skin aging. Figs have many therapeutic properties, which can be mentioned, among others, for the treatment of anemia due to the iron present in them. Among other things, it is very effective in preventing and treating constipation, and hemorrhoids.

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