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June plums fruits which are known as the golden apple could be found in high-quality in alma apple inc,  these fruits are of a size that befits their name, typically measuring between 9 and 10 centimeters in length, and they typically hang in clusters of up to twelve.

What is golden apple quality fruits

The skin of the fruits, which might be oval or ellipsoidal in shape, is thick and rigid. It is bitter and tannic, and it may show some russeting. As the fruits develop from green to yellow, it is possible to see a variety of phases of maturity on a single tree. These stages include fruits that are completely green, fruits that are completely yellow, and fruits that have variegated colors of green and yellow. The level of maturity determines whether the flesh that lies beneath the skin is firm, creamy, or white. In the middle of the meat is a fibrous pit that contains a few seeds that are flat on both sides. When fruit is fully ripe, the coarse and woody feel of the pit may be felt throughout the flesh, making the fruit unpleasant to chew. When they are still young and crisp, plums from June have a flavor that is similar to that of pineapple. What is golden apple quality fruits

Specification of golden apple quality fruits

As the fruit ripens, it loses its firmness and becomes more watery, developing a flavor profile that, in terms of acidity, muskiness, sweetness, and sourness, falls midway between soursop, pineapple, mango, and star fruit. Because they fruit at different times of the year depending on the tropical environment in which they are grown, June plums are available throughout the entire year. Spondias dulcis, sometimes known as June plums, are fruits that are both sour and sweet, and they belong to the plant family known as Anacardiaceae. Ambarella, Jew Plum, Kedondong, Buah Long Long, Golden Apple, and Yellow Egg are some of the names that have been given to these oblong fruits, depending on the region in which they are found. In tropical woods, they can be found growing in large clusters on trees that have a rapid growth rate. The trees that bear June plums had their beginnings in Southeast Asia and Polynesia, but since their introduction to the rest of the world, they have become a naturalized part of the tropical ecosystems of many different countries. At any stage of maturation, the fruits are delicious due to the firm flesh and acidic, sweet-tart flavor profile of the fruit. Specification of golden apple quality fruits

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June plums aren’t mass-produced like other types of plums; rather, they are only grown in small quantities and sold at local farmer’s markets. In addition, the trees are commonly grown in the yards of suburban homes. Families will retrieve the green and unripe fruits that fall to the ground in order to consume them as soon as possible. Because of the formation of fibrous strands throughout the flesh, the stage of development that is ideal for consumption is when the fruit is still green and unripe. Plums that are harvested in June include a high concentration of the antioxidant vitamins A and C. These vitamins are excellent for enhancing one’s immune system, protecting one’s cells from the harm that can be caused by free radicals, and mending damaged tissues. In addition to this, the fruits include vitamin K, calcium, and fiber, all of which work synergistically to hasten recovery from injuries. In Asia, a natural cure for coughs and fevers that consists of shredded June plums combined with water is commonly utilized. read more:

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