Direct Purchase of Picota Cherries

By buying Picota cherries directly, you will pay less price, because indirect purchases, intermediaries between the buyer and the seller will be eliminated and the connection will be directly between the buyer and the seller. This eliminates costs such as taxes and shipping costs and commissions for intermediaries. Buying this way will save you a lot of money compared to when you buy cherries from the market and from the shop.

Direct Purchase of Picota Cherries

Where Are Picota Cherries From?

Where Are Picota Cherries From? You may be wondering what exactly is a picota cherry and where does it come from? If you want to know this delicious fruit then read on.

Picota cherries origins are actually the same as a regular cherry, but with some modifications. But what are these changes and how were they done and why? Cherry tree seedlings have problems, which is why picota cherries are made. Because ordinary cherries bear fruit very late and also have problems such as cold resistance, Picota cherries are created by grafting ordinary cherries. Picota cherry tree bears fruit in a short time. Also, these trees are more resistant than ordinary cherry trees and are better resistant to cold and some pests related to cherry trees. Picota cherries are also very tasty and very popular in the market. Iranian picota cherry is one of the most famous and most popular cherries in the world and many merchants are interested in these cherries.

Wholesale Price of Picota Cherries

Wholesale Price of Picota Cherries The wholesale price of picota cherries depends on many factors, some of which we will mention. The first issue is the current market conditions and economic conditions. These conditions make cherries not have a fixed price and their price changes daily.

Also, the harvest season and its frequency affect the price of cherries. The price of cherries may be a little higher than ever due to the shortage of the crop and its scarcity in the market early in the harvest season.

But the best way to buy wholesale picota cherries is to go to a seller and a direct producer. If you buy the product from the market level you have to pay extra. These costs will include taxes and shipping costs and commissions for intermediaries.

If you go to a direct seller, all additional costs will be eliminated and you will receive the product at almost the production price. This will make you more profitable, especially in high purchases.

If you need more information in this regard or you want to buy first-class picota cherries, you can contact the sales experts. Telephone experts are ready to provide you with any information

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